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The technology provider is a renewable energy company with a patented technology, providing an alternative solution for turning urban wastewater sludge into pellet as a solid recovered fuel (SRF) with an immediate and significant costs advantage. The company is looking for potential licensing and professional partners in the field of wastewater plant construction and operation. The company has developed and launched a technology for treating urban wastewater sludge that is economical in case of small scale production too. This technology is a self-supporting technology for drying and pelletizing urban wastewater sludge, without external need of fossil fuel or any other additional material, except for minimal power electric demand. It uses a negligible external energy input by reusing 30-70% of the generated pellets in the process to run the drying unit. The solution only requires 140 m2 of space, designed to be easily transportable in two 20ft containers. They plan to operate these units 24/6 having an instant cost savings of approx. 20% vs. the lowest cost alternative today.